Thursday, May 15, 2008

World Cup Comes to DSG Park

Well, a qualifying match anyway. The US will play a World Cup qualifier at the home of the Rapids in November as long as they get through the qualifier next month against Barbados. Very exciting. I very much look forward to that so congrats where due to the powers that be who made it happen. The US are playing a series of friendlies before the Barbados games and this includes a game at Wembley against England May 28. I was really tempted to go but the flights back to Denver from London rose dramatically May 29 so I will actually be flying back during the game. Bad planning but a lot cheaper.
I hope for a Rapids' win against Fake Salt Lake tonight. I think the Colorado boys really have to win the next three home games, for psychological reasurance more than anything. It's hard to believe they are doing so well in the conference when they have actually lost more games than they have won. They must continue to play the attacking football we saw against DC United. As we witnessed last night, defensive soccer will kill you in the end. Zenit fully deserved their win against a negative Rangers in the UEFA Cup Final. Signing off from Accra. I sound like a foreign correspondent. Go Rapids!

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