Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rapids Loss Live From Accra

Greetings from Ghana! Akwaaba! Obviously, I did not see the game as I was fighting off mosquitoes in bed at the time but I did read the official report this afternoon of the loss to Houston. Were we robbed? Sounds like the penalty decision was dubious, to say the least. Anybody care to comment on that or anything else about the game for that matter (e.g McManus sending off)? Most importantly, how did we play? Did we manage to keep up the intensity of last week?
This country is soccer mad. Pictures everywhere of Michael Essien and the rest of the Black Stars team. In the house where I am staying, there is a big poster of Essien as Man of the Match in the Ghana victory over the US in the last World Cup.They also seem to be big fans of English soccer. I tell them my son is a Chelsea fan and that usually starts a conversation pretty easily. Look forward to your comments.


Bonji said...

The penalty was a clear hand ball in the box. I don't think you can argue that. We were robbed in the sense that we had two bad mistakes to give Houston the win. The handball was crushing in the 86th minute or so. The other was Bouna coming out of the 18 yard box to try and tackle the ball away from an on rushing Ching. Ching was coming in alone and if Bouna had stayed in the box he could have made a better attempt at blocking the shot. The rest of the game the Rapids played well.

Jason Maxwell said...

Bonji has it right, clear hand ball. Bouna did make a mistake coming out, but the bigger mistake was leaving Ching that wide open to get behind the defense.

Both Tam McManus and Gary
Smith were ejected from the bench. The officiating was poor, but not that bad, I don't know why the bench was in such an uproar.

johncos said...

The second half sure was fun to watch! Frustrating but entertaining. Ya, the handball was obvious. Even-though it doesn't show it clearly on the replay, if Ching wasn't offsides he was close enough that we can at least complain a bit :) Erpen sure must have thought that Ching was off because he just stood there with his and in the air and NEVER made any attempt to play. The headed assist to Ching was Brilliant regardless.

That's why we need you Nick; to get the inside info on the McManus & Gary reds! But, I guess we can manage a few more weeks considering the work you are doing in Ghana!

Let's hope we take some of the frustration out on RSL!

Nick Thomas said...

Appreciate all your comments guys. Helps me make sense more of a game that I wasn't able to see. John, I will try and find out the skinny on the red cards when I get back. It's a shame that the break in coverage comes just as I was making good connections at the Rapids but,in the general scheme of things, this is a life changing experience for me. Good luck tomorrow against Salt Lake. I'll try and post something about it and maybe we can make some more comments and insights. Thank you again for your comments. It gives me a good connection with home, something that I need through somne difficult times over here.