Friday, May 16, 2008

Rapids Drowning in Media Releases! Beat RSL

Is there no limit to the international events going on at DSG Park later this year? First, the US mens' national team will play in a World Cup qualifier in November and now the US Womens' Team will play against Brazil July 13. Both should be great games. Maybe we will even get Barcelona there? Not likely. Even though the Spanish giants have this week pledged to play a series of games in the US as part of a marketing deal with the MLS, the sad fact is that they will need to play in much bigger stadia.
Glad to see the Rapids safely dispatched of Real Salt Lake. Comments on the game would be more than welcome. Looks like we pretty much controlled the game, finishing it off in the second half. Was it good to see Herculez playing a full game (almost)? I presume he was playing because McManus was suspended for a game at least following his sending off against Houston? I very much look forward to your thoughts and comments. Can we not turn some of this dominance (San Jose excepted) into good away form?


Anonymous said...

Omar Cummings...rock and roll. Colin Clark had a decent game, had some off touches but displayed his usual hustle and perseverance. The back three had a good day and managed to clear a near goal for the SL Polygamists.

johncos said...

It was really a good game. C Gomez drew a lot of attention thus opening up other parts of the field. I think there was one player on the pitch, however, that dominated EVERYTHING! Pablo! I sure thought that his performance the last couple of games would have earned him a call up for the USMAT's but selfishly am glad he is sticking around. We sure need him. If he isn't the heart and soul of this team... we don't have a heart or a soul!

Nick Thomas said...

Good to hear your comments, guys. I know some of you have voiced concern about Pablo in the past but he does seem to be back at his surging best and that can only be good for the Rapids. Watching the Champions' League Final tonight at a local bar. A few more days here in the heat and humidity and then back to England for a long weekend before flying back to Denver next week. Will be at the Dallas game and following the Chivas game while on a plane from Africa to London! Thanks again, Nick.