Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rapids Acquire San Jose Goalie as Bouna Backup

I know I'm behind the news somewhat but wanted to post a quick comment on the trade of Kelly Gray and Jovan Kirovski for the San Jose goalkeeper, Preston Burpo. This seems like a solid move on the part of the Rapids. Kirovski, the leading scorer last season, could not find his way back into the team and was some way down the pecking order. Gray had impressed earlier in the season in training and for the Reserves but was found wanting a little against Chicago and Kosuke Kimura appears to have nailed down that right back spot. We obviously needed cover for the parting Bouna and poor old Justin Hughes, who would have had a great opportunity to shine in the Senegal goalkeeper's absence, is still some way from fitness. You have to feel a bit also for the other reserve goalkeepers, particularly Chris Sharpe, who must have been thinking he had a chance to be the first Australian to play in the MLS. Maybe he will sharpen his game with the competition and still be the first choice in Bouna's absence. The only other comment/question I woud have is why didn't Kimura play in that Chicago game. Gray was picked for tactical reasons, according to coach Clavijo, but then quickly fell out of favor. It's tough being a professional soccer player, especially in the US when most players aren't exactly paid handsomely. Not much job security.
This is my last post from Ghana. Flying back to less humid climes tonight so expect more regular posts from late next week as first spending a few days in sunny England. Normal service will soon be resumed. Let us hope for a solid performace against Chivas tonight and I will see you at the Dallas game June 1.

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