Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rapids v Dallas Preview

It's good to be back! Very much looking forward to seeing the game tomorrow at DSG Park. Amazing time in Ghana which included watching the Champions' League final in the noisiest bar in the world. But happy to be back in more familiar surroundings and looking forward to reconnecting with the team. Let's hope we get the Rapids that turned out against DC United. It seems that inconsistency continues to blight the team. Capable of dominating their opponents but also of losing when dominating. I have looked at the Colorado Rapids website for an idea of the formation but it leaves more questions than answers. Just how is Bouna Coundoul a substitute when he is in Senegal with the national team? And, surely, Pablo Mastroeni will not be in the line-up given his welcome return to the US squad which is just a few days away from playing Spain in Spain? Anyway, I plan on reporting on the game sometime tomorrow and then starting to attend practices again from next week so I hope that regular service will soon be resumed.


johncos said...

Welcome home Nick!

It has always been very frustrating trying to follow this team with so little accurate information about the team, formations, call-ups, injuries etc. from the RFO. I don't understand at all why they would be so secretive or full outright misinformation. It just makes it so difficult to be a fan of this club. Do you think this is just the Rapids or is it somehow the culture of soccer? I've been a rapids fan for several years but have never followed another club so I don't know if this "mystery" regarding the team is unique to our club or not.

Nick Thomas said...

Thanks John for the welcome. I don't think the Rapids are necessariy more secretive than other clubs. I think the information on the club website is simply inaccurate a lot of the time due to incompetence rather than anything malicious. All I know is that I would never have access to English clubs like I have here in terms of my interactions with the coaching staff and players.

johncos said...

Thanks NIck
That's good to know. It is great to have you share your insights and access to the club with us!