Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gargoyle Blanco Helps Fire to Win Over Rapids

Do you want the good news or the bad news? The bad news is that we lost. The good news was that this was so much better than last week. The Colorado Rapids certainly bounced back from last week's poor performance against San Jose. They played with far more intensity and better creativity. The nagging doubt in the head is that, when they go down a goal, it always seems so hard for them to get back in the game. We did it against Kansas City but there remains a question as to how consistently we can do that.
The line-up was different. One forced change with John DiRaimondo out with an ankle sprain. Pablo Mastroeni made his first start of the season and played with great intensity as usual. It was almost a relief when he was subbed because he looked like he may get a red card. The Rapids were incensed at the end of the first half with Chicago's number 25 and Pablo baited him throughout the second half when he was on. Tom McManus came in for Omar Cummings and continued to play with great heart just as he had done against San Jose. Congrats to him for his first goal in the burgundy and blue. Kelly Gray, who had impressed in last week's reserve game, came in for Kosuke Kimura. A little tough on Kimura who seemed to be making the right back spot his own.
We made some poor defensive errors and the defense was practically non-existent on the second goal. But I think we lost the game in the midfield. Blanco may be one of the ugliest of people (we thought he looked like a gargoyle - Blanco is a gargoyle, Blanco is a gargoyle, la la la la, la la la la; maybe we can get a song going when he visits DSG Park?) but he was more creative than his counterpart on the Rapids, Christian Gomez. His pass was instrumental in the first goal and he made a number of creative moves to make chances for his teammates.
To be honest, a draw might have been a fair result and we almost clinched it in the end with Herc putting the ball just wide and Bouna almost creating the greatest moment in Rapids' history when he came up for a last second corner and just headed over. Can you imagine if that had gone in? He would never have stopped talking about it. And neither would the fans. But it wasn't to be. We move on to a big game next weekend against DC United who seem to be getting back to the form we all know they have.


BMer916 said...

Gray and Erpen were so bad in this game. so bad! What was Erpen thinking when he was the last defender and tried to slide in to take the ball of Justin Mapp on the 2nd goal? Gray was so far out of position that he was rarely in the picture for the goals. and Blanco turned the two of them inside out on the same play.

Christian Gomez was also weak, never really creating, and unfortunately no one will call him out because McManus saved him on that free-kick.

I love McManus up front, tons of fire, but he didn't have any help because Gomez was so far behind the play.

Keel played well, and Bouna too (though he was left out to dry from Erpen). I'd like to see Herc in the game earlier, he has so much energy and Clark was just so inefficient.

Nick Thomas said...

Brian, I think you are right on to contrast Blanco's play with Christian Gomez. I also agree that it may soon become inadmissible not to include Herc from the start. He provides intensity and speed and I think he could work very well with McManus. I shouldn't think Omar is feeling very comfortable right now though he has done very little wrong. McManus has been great in the last two games. Kimura, though, may be feeling a little better.