Monday, April 28, 2008

Asking The Questions, Getting The Answers?

I know you Rapids fans out there (and others who contribute to this blog) are both passionate and informed. A dangerous combination. I can generally pick up from your comments what your concerns are about the team, what you would like to see changed etc. However, it would be good to get some direct questions that I could then ask the coach and the players. I aim to get to one Rapids' training session a week and I have good access to all the players and coaching staff. Our relationships are building this year. So, I propose you either email me ( with your questions or include them in any relevant blogpost comment you would like to make (I would prefer the latter). I look forward to your input. I can't promise I'll be able to ask them all but I will do my best.


FootballMacca said...

Enjoy reading your site Nick and the insight you provide of the rapids.

OK here are my Q’s.
 What adjustments need to be made to ensure we obtain the full potential of both Cooke and McManus?
 What are the thoughts both positive and negative in going to a 3-5-1-1 formation? Or even 3-4-1-2?
 How is McManus adjusting to the MLS and the MLS referee style?
 Was the lack of 50/50 balls won from clearance out of the Chicago 18 yard box an issue that was analyzed and reviewed in training this week?
 What do the coaches see as the biggest area of improvement for this 2008 squad?
 What was Colin Clark’s thought process in deciding wear a cardigan on TV?



Nick Thomas said...

Geoff, great questions, particularly the one about Colin Clark's cardigan. You might want to listen to the From The Pitch radio show tonight which has McManus on as a guest. 1510 AM from 7-9pm. Also, check out John Murphy's thoughts on the Class VI website and on the Rapids website re the squad. I'm planning on going to training tomorrow so I'll see what I can get. Thanks again, Nick.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for taking questions and for your work on the blog.

One question for now: At what point and with what quantitative metrics can we begin to seriously evaluate the Christian Gomez acquisition?

Right now his performance and numbers don't seem to give much cause for elation, or even restrained optimism.

Perhaps his lack of contribution can be attributed to recent tepid offensive form, but I'm starting to think that we should draw conclusions over the next few games. I'm still not sure what the benchmark is for evaluating his presence, in terms of goals, assists, or team-wide offensive output.