Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing But Nets on Global Malaria Day

I was on my way to the pharmacy this morning to pick up some anti-malaria pills. Appropriate because today is Global Malaria Day. I'm getting the pills because I am going to Ghana in a couple of weeks on a volunteer project (more on that another time). I'd been worried about delaying getting the pills as all the other daily crap filtered in and stopped me from getting properly organized. What if they don't have the pills in stock and I've run out of time to get them before I go? Of course, like most things in life, I had no need to worry. I order them, I pick them up and I'm protected against this disease. It made me realize, again, just how damn lucky I am. I can get protection easily. Not so easy for the millions of children and people affected by this preventable disease, 90% of them in Africa. One child dies every 30 seconds. This is absolutely staggering.
Where does soccer come into all of this? Well, the MLS is taking action with its commitment to the UN's Nothing But Nets campaign. MLS Commissioner Garber has today written a letter about the support for the campaign. The Rapids' own Jose Burciaga is involved with this campaign. Maybe he will be one of the players going to Africa later this year to donate nets as the letter explains? It's easy to decry such efforts but this one could actually lead somewhere and save lives. Find out more at There's even some funky online game you can play to help donate.

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