Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stay of Execution For Some?

NEW YORK -- Major League Soccer issued the following statement Monday:
"MLS is delaying the roster compliance date, originally scheduled for March 1, while discussions continue over related topics with the MLS Players Union. The roster compliance date will be set in the next few weeks."
The next few weeks? Doesn't that take us to the start of the season? It may give some of the fringe players in each team a little more opportunity to show themselves but it can't be good for coaches who surely have made up their mind now as to who they want and who they don't want. The squad needs to be finalized sooner rather than later to build team morale and certainty.


George said...

Nick: I think it's appropriate that I announce the news here that I am leaving Colorado. I got a job in Texas, and I will be making the move almost immediately. I will still be chiming in from time to time on ColoradoSoccerNow.com, but it'll be impossible to cover soccer in this state while I'm living in that state. I am leaving the Web site in more than capable hands, those of the talented and knowledgeable Shaun Shafer. And if things work out, ColoradoSoccerNow.com could have even more relevant content than it does now. I will miss you, sir, but you can bet I'll be following along from long distance. So remember that some of those hits your site gets from the Lone Star State will be me. Thanks for your friendship and sense of camaraderie.
George Tanner

johncos said...

All of us colorado soccer fans will miss your knowledge and dedication to the soccer community. Thank-you and good luck in your new job.