Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Roster Forming as Deadline Approaches?

The Rapids return to Colorado today after not such a successful run out in the Arizona sun. Of the three games played against MLS teams, two were drawn and there was a 2-0 defeat at the hands of LA Galaxy. Hopefully, the trip helped Gary Smith solidify his thoughts on what to do come March 1 and the need to trim his roster down to its fighting weight of 24 players.
I'm not in Arizona and so have no idea of who is impressing, who isn't. What I can see from the line-ups is that some of the vulnerable players appear to be reacting in different ways. Mehdi Ballouchy, surely threatened by the advent of the two former New England players, Larentowicz and Thompson, appears to have impressed while Pat Noonan played very little. I wouldn't mind betting that Noonan is not much longer for Rapids' world.
There were also some unfamiliar names in there; Rolan De La Cruz and Andy Lorie. Devon Hodges, playing alonside fellow Jamaican international, Omar Cummings, seemed to get a lot of playing time. And what about notable absentees? Colin Clark is probably still rehabbing his ligament injury and so didn't make the trip. New signing Danny Earls wasn't in Arizona. There is no Pablo and big signing Larentowicz was also absent. Facundo Diz also appeared to not make the trip.
I'll try and get some updates on all this later this week. The Rapids fly out to London March 7 for another preseason trip to the homeland.

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BMer916 said...

Noonan is toast. he had numerous chances last year and never really impressed. we already have depth at central mid and have some interesting options at striker (and probably cheaper). so unless he wants to be a backup winger, he's gone.

i wonder what's up with Larentowicz and Pablo, maybe one of them will still get moved. i'd really like to see Labrocca in Pablo's role, but fulltime.