Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rapids to Unveil "Major Transaction" Tomorrow

Intriguing. The Colorado Rapids are set to unveil a "major player transaction" at Denver South High School tomorrow afternoon. The main thing that goes through my mind is that they are trading Conor Casey, a South High School graduate, to a major European club. But why would it be a picture opportunity if they are trading him? Unless they are swapping him for a big name from Europe? The South High School venue is the thing. The principal of the school will be in attendance. Looking forward to finding out and stay tuned for updates tomorrow afternoon. All will be revealed.


Scott said...

This is not what I should have read right before going to bed. I am going to be thinking about it all night and probably be too excited to think. Hopefully something good will happen for the Rapids.

Nick Thomas said...

Glad to hear you are reading the blog late at night Scott!

Jason Maxwell said...

New contract for Casey, maybe even DP level?

Xavier Leal said...

Hi Nick!! My name is Xavier and I live in Spain. I would like to contact you. Can you send me an email to my adress

Thanks in advance.

Scott said...

Casey at a DP level = not worth it in my opinion.

With it all happening at Denver South one would think that it does involve Casey.

Hopefully Mr. Leal wants to tell Nick we are getting a DP from Spain.