Wednesday, January 13, 2010

World Cup coming to Denver?

OK, so Denver has been included in the list of cities for the US World Cup bid. Even CBS4 Denver, which never reports on soccer, even though Vic Lombardi claims he is a fan of the game, reported on it last night. I know it's a long process with the announcement of who will get the 2018 World Cup due as early as December 2 this year, but this just seems so far away to get really excited about it. I mean, the US is still competing with many other countries, including England, which has launched an apparently dismal bid, Golden Balls' involvement excepted, for the 2018 version. I doubt anyone else is even really seriously thinking about a bid for the 2022 version. Maybe the US does have a chance for 2018? But with this year's version in South Africa and 2014 in Rio, maybe the country might have to wait until 2022 because FIFA might want the Europeans to stage something in 2018. Can't leave the old powers out for too long.

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