Monday, December 21, 2009

Kroenke Watch: Only Another 17 To Go

As I've said before, he's the man with the money and he's entitled to do with it what he wants. But GBP 212,500 works out at about $375,000, enough to buy an out of contract Guillermo Barros Schelotto, or not far off anyway. What Mr. Kroenke flutters nonchalantly almost as an afterthought stock trade on a Monday before Christmas could actually buy the influential playmaker the Rapids so desperately need. But we all know where the priorities are.


B! said...

Thank goodness someone is beating this drum.

I say we make a giant banner that says: Buy Rapids players not Arsenal. And convince a local business along Quebec to put it up for us.


Scott said...

Just one business? I think we could get every company with a soccer fan working there to put up the banners.

I am wondering what kind of player would make the biggest difference for the Rapids though. Think about it, the Christian Gomez experiment failed miserably. May that is why Kronke is so unwilling to shell out the greenbacks.

Nick Thomas said...

To be honest Scott, I doubt he knows who Christian Gomez even is. If he was shrewd and committed enough to make a decison not to buy a DP based on the failed expriment with Gomez, I would be alright with that. But that is not the case here, I swear to God.

Brian Rants said...

I'm with you Nick.

I have a hard time believing "what do the Rapids need for 2010" has crossed the mind of Kroenke at any point.