Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RSL Owner At Least Shows Passion

On this busy day of international soccer, check out this interesting piece from Soccer America magazine on Real Salt Lake owner, Dave Checketts. I don't know anything about the man and maybe he is not Mr. Nice Guy but, according to goalkeeper Nick Rimando, at least he seems to care about his team. Can anyone imagine Mr. Kroenke coming into the Rapids' dressing room to encourage the players? Just pointing out some crucial differences in perceptions and possible coincidences with the fact that RSL are in Sunday's MLS Cup final and the Rapids are not.


Allen said...

Correct me if I'm wrong on this but technically Sports Capital Limited owns RSL (among other teams), not Dave Checketts. Checketts is an investor in SCL and a key part of his role with them is to be the company's public face.

If that's correct, should we be making anything of his showing of passion and showing up at games. After all, it's his job to do this.

Nick Thomas said...

Well, isn't it Kroenke's job as the owner of the Rapids to at least show some passion for his team? Rather than buying a bunch of Arsenal shares the day after the Rapids fall from the postseason? I think Checketts owns a 49% stake in RSL.

Allen said...

Kroneke's an investor, not a cheerleader. Do people criticize Warren Buffet for not having stopped by Clayton Homes or Dairy Queens headquarters the last few years?

As for RSL, Sports Capital Partners owns them and they're looking to sell a share. Dave Checketts may not be a pauper but he doesn't have the sort of money needed to own and run RSL, let alone all the entertainment companies Sports Capital Partners is involved with. That's why I'm saying, to a certain extent it's his job to show his face at these things.

Kroenke's lack of passion for the team is disappointing. But I really couldn't care about that; I just care about how things go on the field. Maybe I'm a bit jaded over the whole thing having gone through a "caring and passionate" owner in Rupert Lowe who ran Southampton into the ground to the point they were a couple weeks of forever vanishing. And Delia's passion at Norwich hasn't done them much good either. But that's just my two-bits.