Monday, November 23, 2009

Rapids Announce Protected List Ahead of Draft

Press release today from the Colorado Rapids re the Philadelphia expansion draft. A few notable players not included in the protected list such as Jordan Harvey, Mehdi Ballouchy and Pat Noonan. Scott Palguta was another first team regular this season but his exclusion is more understandable given it was his rookie season. Only one player can be drafted by Philadelphia from each club.

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (Monday, November 23, 2009) – The Colorado Rapids announced their list of 11 protected players for the 2009 MLS Expansion Draft, which takes place this Wednesday, November 25 at 11 a.m. MT.

With the Philadelphia Union, the league’s 16th club, entering the league for next season, each team in MLS must make a certain amount of their players available for the draft.

Philadelphia may not claim more than one player from any given team in MLS, and will select 10 players, meaning that five teams will not have a player taken in the Expansion Draft.


Goalkeeper: Matt Pickens
Defenders: Julien Baudet, Cory Gibbs, Kosuke Kimura, Drew Moor
Midfielders: Colin Clark, Nick LaBrocca, Pablo Mastroeni, Jamie Smith
Forwards: Conor Casey, Omar Cummings

In addition to this list, Rapids midfielder Ciaran O’Brien and defender Rob Valentino are automatically protected by the Rapids due to their Generation adidas status.


Goalkeepers: Preston Burpo, Steward Ceus
Defenders: Ty Harden, Jordan Harvey, Scott Palguta, Michael Holody
Midfielders: Mehdi Ballouchy, Greg Dalby, Jacob Peterson
Forwards: Facundo Diz, Pat Noonan, Ross Schunk


B! said...

Ciaran and Rob graduated this year from GA status.

Nick Thomas said...

I'm just repeating what the Rapids sent me, apart from the opening sentence or two. Thanks for following the blog.

Anonymous said...

Seems odd to me that they are willing to protect Gibbs but not Harvey. To me Gibbs is, at best,the 3rd best center back....but Harvey, though not spectacular at left back, is quite reliable. Furthermore, the dropoff from Moor/Baudet to Gibbs is nowhere near the dropoff in ability from Harvey to the next left back option....

Which makes me wonder, do we really even have a true left back option other than Harvey?

Who knows, maybe GS knows something we don't and Philly won't grab Harvey. All I'm saying is, if I'm starting an MLS squad from scratch and I can get a servicable left back with youth and a cheap contract like Harvey I'd grab him in a heartbeat. Left backs are hard to come by.

Nick Thomas said...

I agree Josh. I think that Harvey may only be on there because of the need to protect international players but, with your point on Gibbs, my point is moot. I think it would be very bad to let Harvey go. Palguta could also play atleft back as could Moor. Maybe GS felt he was a little underresourced at center back and needed Gibbs to go wiht Moor and Baudet.

B! said...

Seems as if I am incorrect here and MLS clarified the GA status thing.

I just assumed that the team that traded Kyle Beckerman for Mehdi Ballouchy would screw up a press release about the expansion draft.

Sorry! Keep up the good work.


ps. Put me on the surprised about Jordan Harvey bandwagon.

Scott said...

As surprised as I am to see Harvey on the list, I am guessing that there are going to be better options for Philly from our squad, that it is Philly would even dare to select a player from the Rapids. The past seems to show that the Rapids have done a good job of not having players selected in expansion drafts. Still wondering where the shakeup is going to come from this off season though.