Saturday, October 24, 2009

Over The Hills And Not So Far Away

What is there to say? Destiny in their hands, playoff berth on the line, players playing against their old clubs on both sides, arch rivals, Rocky Mountain Cup. What more do you need? The only thing I am certain of is that CBS4 Denver will not be bothering to cover any of this game but will instead be focusing on Brandon Marshall's inane comments in a bye week. Sorry, bit of frustration there at the completely crap coverage of this great game and great bunch of local professional athletes by one of our esteemed local broadcasting networks. They are not alone, it has to be said.
I'm not going to say much about the game. I know what the line-up will be but I'm not going to say anything out of respect for Gary Smith and the players. Anything he can keep under wraps before this game could be an advantage to the Rapids. And I'm sure Jason Kreis will be checking my blog first thing this morning.
One thing that may work in the team's favor is Smith's experience of English soccer, notably the FA Cup. This game has all the attributes of a great FA Cup tie. Local derby, win and you are in, lose and you are out. I am desperatly trying to manage my expectations, just as I would if it was England playing in a big game. The trouble is, if the Rapids start the game well, those expectations will rise and then only disappointment can come. And it would be a bitter disappointment at that after a much better season than in the past two years.
On the positive side, as up for this game as Salt Lake will be, I don't think they are as formidable a side as Dallas have been the past few weeks. The Rapids were on a bit of a wing and a prayer going into Texas last week. Today, even though Salt Lake still have a sniff at the postseason themselves, I think the Rapids will be happier playing them than Dallas. Just a hunch.
See you down at the British Bulldog. And good luck to all the traveling Rapids' fans. Wonder how many Broncos fans get off their arses and make a road trip every season? Umm. Must give CBS4 a call about that one.
And a prediction, my only one of the season. Rapids win 3-2 with Kosuke Kimura netting the winner in the 85th.

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