Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lose 3-0 And Still In?

I left the Bulldog early once the third goal went in and came home and ranted about everything that was wrong about the Rapids. The lack of decent media coverage, the fact that true fans often get shunted aside by the powers that be, you now, that kind of thing. But, because of some freaky results elsewhere, it seems to me, bizarrely, that the team is still in possible playoff contention. It boils down to what happens in the Revolution and Columbus game tomorrow. By my calcuations, if the Revolution fail to beat Columbus tomorrow afternoon, the Rapids will qualify in the last wildcard position.
It may be by the backdoor but the team may still have a chance. Seems hard to believe.


Anonymous said...

Nick - No doubt you summed up every true Colorado fan's frustration in that neat paragraph. Aside from my feelings on the organization, media, etc (just went to Denver Post blog - most recent Rapids post there was 10/18) I think something must have happened within the locker room to have a team with this much potential early on falter this badly down the stretch. I saw little creativity in the attacking third and no cohesion in the mid or back. This much is certain - playoffs or no playoffs, if the club hopes to keep up with the rest of the league it's going to have to re-examine everything it's done poorly (fan environment, media coverage, marketing, attendance) in an objective light and spend some real time and dollars going forward to fix it. Either that or continue to spin our wheels in the snow.

Let's hope Crew can give this team an early Christmas gift and provide some redemption to what began as such a promising season.

Anonymous said...

Nick and Sean - kudos to both of you on your excellent posts

Nick Thomas said...

I was bit drunk when I wrote that paragraph. In vino veritas.
I think, after all, that is has to be a Columbus win today for the Rapids to get in. I don't see any full explanation of this, certainly not on the Rapids' website, and the MLS site discusses a scenrio with a three way head to head tie only. Of course, if New England draw today, it is a four way tie so we have to assume it is done on points per game basis as per the MLS website discussing a three way tie. The rapids and NE would have th same points (nine) but the Rapids have played one more game against the teams of NE, DC and RSL. I think the Rapids' website should have explained this in full when so much is at stake but maybe they don't understand it in full either. All in all, pretty poor. Currently a 0-0 tie close to end of first half.