Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rapids Pick Up Valuable Point in Kansas

I have to declare an interest here. I wasn't able to see this game. All I have are the postmatch comments of both the team and friends who called me after the game to fill me in.
What I can say is that a point in Kansas is a very valuable one at this stage of the season. I know the Rapids are not picking up three points on anything like a consistent basis but we cannot underestimate the injuries that have befallen them. To lose the whole squad's only three out and out wingers is kind of freaky and leaves the team so short of options. Steve Guppy told me after the San Jose game the other night that he got one injury in his whole career. Wingers don't get injured, he said. Of course, they can, but to have all three of Jamie Smith, Colin Clark and Jacob Peterson out at the same time is very bad luck. And it means, as Gary Smith as pointed out, more pressure on the back line not to concede because so few attacking opportunities may be created.
There is still some danger this team will not make the playoffs. Next week's final home game of the season is now a must win and would take them to the "magic number" of 42 points. I think the team should get to the postseason from here but it will be one mighy uphill stuggle given the attacking deficiencies caused by all these injuries. Let's be realistic given what has happened. To get into the playoffs can be the only target for now. The team will have done very well to get there. Any more than that is probably a few steps too far.


Sean said...

All that said, we are currently in the 5th playoff spot with Seattle's loss. Team injuries aside, the remaining players that are still functional need to come out hungry and at least look like they want to compete. Watching last night, it felt like Omar and Burpo were the only ones that played with any since of urgency. I think a few goals and a strong performance anywhere could re-ignite the fire that the team displayed at various times in the season. At least the Rapids are looking consistent and did not concede any goals on Saturday. KC definitely had their chances.

If Casey wants to win that Golden Boot he needs to be a little more clinical with his finishing and a little more daring in his shots. Did Big 9 have any shots on goal yesterday?

Josh said...

I think Kimura is hungry every game, Sean - but he got beat up pretty badly in KC. I would very much like to see what a healthy Kos can do with 90 minutes from the wing on our big pitch.

Nick, I think you're right that to make the playoffs would make this season a success...anything further is just gravy. Which is unfortunate because we could have made some noise had we had a healthy Clark and Jamie Smith - at least I think we could have. Perhaps next year...assuming those boys come back 100%.

By the way...what was J Smith's injury exactly? Can't seem to find any info on that.

Nick Thomas said...

Smith's injury, not entirely sure of all the details. Looks like some kind of posterior cruciate problem on the leg but I don't have the full details.