Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gary Smith Speaks English Football

Some crackers from Gary Smith in true English footballing terminology ahead of this weekend's huge game against New England. These quotes are taken from a letter he addressed to players with the Colorado Fusion soccer club which signed an agreement this week to be part of an adidas alliance with the Rapids.
I, for one, will be hoping for a massive crowd. This will be one of the biggest games for the club in the past few years and the team will need the boost from a packed stadium.

"We want New England to be absolutely gobsmacked when they arrive at our ground Saturday in front of a sea of burgundy, with a full stadium of Colorado fans giving them some serious grief."
Explanation: gobsmacked - to be heavily shocked as you would be in taking a smack in the gob (mouth).
serious grief - putting the opposition under significant pressure.

"Football is a game of two halves, and we’ll do our part on the pitch. But I am calling upon you to help propel this club into the play-offs by packing the ground and giving your all from the stands this Saturday."
Explanation - ok, not too confusing but football managers in England often describe games as being ones of two halves. i.e played well first half, disastrously in the second.

"I can promise you a bloody exciting match Saturday night. This will be the biggest match of the year so far; all the lads know it, and they are determined and ready."
Explanation - would Americans ever say "bloody"? No, I didn't think so.

Have to add here that Pablo Mastroeni referred to Gary Smith after the San Jose home game as "the gaffer." Fantastic.
Love it. Will love it even more if the Rapids win and there's an appropriate crowd to cheer them on. Not just over 6,000 as there was for the last home game against San Jose.
One last question: Can we get the horrendous Denver Dream lines off the field in time?

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