Friday, February 6, 2009

A Post on the Lack of Posts

I haven't been posting much recently as faithful readers will already know. The truth is that I have been giving a lot of thought recently to where I can go with this blog. It doesn't make me any money and it requires a lot of work to do the job that I want to do, namely report well on the team. I never meant this blog to be an opinion platform. There's too many opinions out there and I am humble enough to know that adding mine is not really worth all that much in the general scheme of things. I'm not saying the blog is over, it's just that I am working on some opportunities right now that will see me emerge in probably different form. Please do check back over the next weeks and I should have some more definitive information. In the meantime, do check out the Rapids' blog at because there are some good posts on what is going on in preseason as Gary Smith works on his final roster. There are going to be a lot of unhappy and unlucky players from the current squad who will be playing USL-1 soccer this year or who will be traded to other MLS clubs. The Rapids leave next week for a preseason trip to sunny Florida.


BMer916 said...

i love reading this blog, Nick, so i hope you continue to write from some perspective at least. this year there seems to be a little more coverage so i understand that you don't just want repost information that everyone has already read.

hope to hear from you soon, but if not maybe i can buy you a beer at the home opener!

johncos said...

Nick, I have always very much appreciated your perspective and especially your interviews and notes from training. You are correct that there is a lot of opinion out there however a good deal of it is downright childish. I sure hope (selfishly) that you can find the time to give us an occasional bit of "news" and toss in some of your opinions as well. Good luck with the other opportunities.