Monday, February 9, 2009

Gomez Goes as Rapids Acquire Guerrero

Big news in the soccer world today. First, Chelsea sack Scolari as manager and then the Colorado Rapids not so surpisingly trade an unhappy Christian Gomez back to DC United. For Gomez, the Rapids will get experienced international player Ivan Guerrero (will this be the competition for Colin Clark?), a designated player roster spot and a second round superdraft pick for next year. They also partly solve the goalkeeping conundrum because they are trading back-up goalie Mike Graczyk as part of the deal. There were just too many goalkeepers on the roster. Looks like a pretty good deal to me. Let me know what you think.
Gomez never really settled in the team and was clearly not a player that Gary Smith wanted. He looked off the pace and just couldn't fit into a disciplined style. It was interesting to note Smith's changes of tone regarding Gomez's future as the preseason approached. When Gomez pulled a groin muscle very early on in preseason training, it was probably the last straw. I have little time to fill out more details right now on the trade so please do visit the Rapids' website for more information.
A quick heads-up also. I talked at length with Pablo Mastroeni today so expect something on that later this week.


johncos said...

Very interesting! Guerrero seems to have had his problems the last couple of years...3 clubs? I hope he settles in here. Mostly I'm just excited to actually see some news! I can't wait for the season to start. Why would be bother getting that DP slot back a year early unless we were going to use it?

BMer916 said...

hey Nick, according to the Rapid's blog in my RSS reader, you're the first to report on this (after SBI and his link to a DC United blog), so thats cool!

anyway, Gomez just wasn't fitting into the plans for what the Raps need, and i think they got a lot of value for him. With so much Euro blood now running the show, i wouldn't be surprised if there is already a few possible targets for that DP slot, there's got to be an out-and-out striker over there that can score goals for us!

You know, there are some Americans over there that aren't getting any time, maybe they'd come back to get in the game before this summer of the Gold Cup and qualifiers!?

Nick Thomas said...

Must be my days as a deadline beating journalist coming back. Thanks for the comments guys. I think it increasingly looks like a good deal. How exciting would it be to get a DP European striker?

Scott said...

I am still wondering where the money would come from to pay a DP and could they find a DP that would want to come to Colroado? Smith may have some sway but I still do no think this is enough. I am also not convinced that a DP is the answer. All of that to say that I think this was a good trade for the Rapids. I am a little worried about that giving up of an international roster spot that I have read in multiple locations. I think that might hurt Smith getting all the players that he might want. I guess we will all fidn out what happens and what players we are praying gel together this season.

James said...

Is it a good deal? I don't know but any deal that forces Burpo to take the #1 spot is NOT a good deal. We need a keeper!