Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rapids Acquire Former Rookie Harden from LA

The Colorado Rapids announced they have acquired Ty Harden, a former Rookie standout for the LA Galaxy, in exchange for a draft pick. Harden, who started a rookie record 24 games for the Galaxy in 2007, stepped away from the game in 2008 to "pursue philanthropic endeavors." His father is the CEO of Goodwill. The purchase looks to have a lot to do with Paul Bravo coming on board. The Rapids will relinquish one of their two third round picks at Thursday's MLS SuperDraft in exchange.


Scott said...

The question now is, do we like Bravo for making this kind of move or are we already looking to get rid of him for making this kind of move? It will depend on if Harden decides to come back to the game and if he makes a difference for the team. At the same time I cannot help but think we just gave up any chance of moving up into the first round and actually getting a guy who could make a difference this year. Any thoughts on your end Nick?

Nick Thomas said...

Well, Harden is a proven player at this level as his rookie season makes clear. Let's wait and see what we get in the draft and how that all works out. Can't really see any player coming out of the draft making much of an impact this season given that we no longer have a reserve division - that is such a bad move by the MLS.

Scott said...

I completely agree with the move of MLS to get rid of the reserve division. I think it is more a matter of the financial state of the league right now though, the money could be spent elsewhere and have a greater impact. In light of this though I think that the individual clubs need to take more responsibility in creating youth systems like they have over in Europe. As far as the draft is concerned though I am wondering if even our top pick will be able to make the squad.