Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gomez on his Way? Changes in Tone Suggestive

I'm usually very reluctant to make a story out of a mild rumor but Gary Smith's words on today's From The Pitch show about Christian Gomez were very revealing. When asked about a possible deal involving Gomez and draft picks and other things, the Colorado Rapids' coach hedged his reponse somewhat, saying that he hoped the Argentinian would be involved with the team next season but, should anything come up in the interim that may suggest Gomez didn't really want to come back, then things were back on the table. This is a far cry from his previous words saying how the preseason would be a crucial time for Gomez and how he continues to have a role in the squad. It does make you wonder a bit what is going on behind the scenes because we are only ten days or so away from the start of preseason. I would say, reading between the lines, that the chances of Gomez coming back to Colorado are markedly smaller today than they were before Christmas.
Smith also told the radio show that longtime friend and possible assistant coach, Steve Guppy, had been doing a lot of scouting work in the UK over the holiday period. As a result, the club has its eyes on two to three possibilites from across the pond. Don't be surprised if one of those turns up in the center of defense sometime in the summer at the end of the English season. Smith wants to beef up the physicality of the center back position and a big stopper could be the way forward for him.
Doubts still remain about fan favorite, Bouna Coundoul, who still has to re-sign. Clearly, Smith wants the Senegalese goalkeeper but Bouna, who endured a difficult time last season both with the club and on the international scene, is obviously looking out for himself and weighing all the options.


Anonymous said...

Bouna is gone. Yet another fan favorite to be summarily dismissed. I could be cool with Pickens as long as he doesn't wear New Jersey girl capri shorts like Burpo.

I want to see the Rapids actually make some good personnel decisions for a change. The Christian Gomez acquisition (for a DP allocation, no less) was a complete catastrophe; where is the accountability from the Rapids front office?

It is embarrassing to note the competitive strides RSL has made recently in the context of the goodwill the Rapids have continually squandered with their fans since the new stadium opened. This club needs to show some marked improvement in possession and quality of play this year, otherwise I want to see management blown up and replaced (not the new coach, who deserves time, just the front office monkeys).

The Rapids marketing dep't also needs some work. And on an unrelated note, the Rapids need to pray that the impending light rail line to the airport will have a stop near the stadium. No public transportation to a major sports complex = poorly conceived logistics.

James said...

C. Gomez was a risk that didn't pay out. No other club wanted him which was a big clue to what his performance would be. He did not prove to be the superstar we were hoping to get. Not the veteran leader we hoped for. He would not be a loss to the club should he go.

I agree with Joey, the management needs to start being accountable and make better decisions, first of which is looking at the coaches and trainers. We have a lot of raw talent that is being squandered and not being developed. McManus, Clark, Erpen...

Although I do believe Smith deserves a chance, this year is that chance. he needs to make remarkable changes and be successful this year. No more 3 year promises that turn into 5 crappy seasons. I'm concerned of his inability to get it done considering it was his fault that we lost the play off deciding game against RSL. Leading the entire game it was Smith's decision to sub in offensive players on all his exchanges. Maybe he thought aggressiveness was the way to go but I would have prefered 3 fresh defenders and play it safe for the last 45 and take the win and the playoffs.

Bottom line... the problem isn't the players... it's everyone else.