Monday, July 7, 2008

Parli Italiano Pablo?

Here's a couple of reports linking Colorado Rapids' Pablo Mastroeni with Cagliari of Italy's Serie A. Can't find anything more substantial just yet but my thanks to Jeannine in Littleton who alerted me to the soccertimes article.
Stay tuned. There will be developments on this one, I am sure.


Joey said...

I wish Pablo well, but I'd be shocked if he got picked up by a team in Serie A or La Liga. Maybe Serie B. He is a strong player and has performed admirably for the US but he's getting rather long in the tooth to play competitive European soccer. If he wanted to make this move, why didn't he pursue it a few years ago?

Nick, have you heard anything about the development of Nico Colaluca? I liked him while he was at U Va, but he is drawing a pretty fair salary and hasn't done anything for the Rapids, not even an appearance. Ciaran O'Brien is already seeing action. Is Nico in hiding, still injured, or what? Is he a lost cause, another first-round MLS flameout?

Nick Thomas said...

Joey, I know that Colaluca got some gametime yesterday in the friendly against Tigres. He has been injured a lot this season but is fit now, I understand. I can't really see him getting back into the midfield right now, especially as Ballouchy seems to be FC's bet right now. Kind of agree with you re Pablo. I hope to speak to him tomorrow about his plans.