Monday, July 7, 2008

Pablo to Make Long Eurotrip?

Holy Jesus as they might say down in Colorado Springs! Pablo is really moving to Spain or Italy? According to the local paper, which, judging from its lack of Rapids' coverage, made its annual trip to Dick's Sporting Goods Park July 4, Colorado Rapids' midfield dynamo and veteran international, Pablo Mastroeni, will seek his fortune in southern Europe once this MLS season is over. Pretty damn good scoop. I thought it might be a dream because it was pretty near impossible to find the original story on today's Colorado Gazette website so thanks to our good friends at Class VI for posting this major piece of gossip (link below). Many questions remain about the proposed move so please check in later this week and I will hopefully have some updates. I'm sure the boys at the From The Pitch show will have something to say tomorrow too.


Jeannine said...

SoccerTimes is reporting that Cagliari is interested in signing Pablo:

Nick Thomas said...

Very cool lead, thank you Jeannine.

TalbotTrojan said...

As much as I do not want Pablo to go, the play of our youngsters this year is not making me worried about this potential.