Thursday, February 7, 2008

Premier League Game at DSG Park? Rapids Announcing a Lot

It's all happening. Just like London buses, nothing for ages and then three (at least) come all at once. Truth is, there's always something happening in the only global game but pre-season news is finally kicking in at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. The Rapids have not only announced their preseason schedule and full season schedule (Toronto road trip anyone in August?), they are apparently about to make some major announcements tomorrow (Friday) regarding a "major" player acquisition and a new technical director. Most sites appear pretty confident the player will be Christian Gomez of DC United, a former MLS MVP.
As I am way behind the news on that one, I won't say anything else and await tomorrow's announcement. The news that caught my eye today was the plan by the Premier League to stage some games overseas in future seasons. Arsenal v Man United at DSG Park? Doubt it somewhat but you might get Reading against Bolton. Here's the link to the BBC story.

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