Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Little Corner of Africa; Gomez Signs

Spent this morning watching the final of the Africa Cup of Nations together with a passionate crowd from all over the continent at Le Baobab restaurant in Denver. As you all know, Egypt ran out winners 1-0 after a defensive error from veteran Rigobert Song. To be honest, it was a fair result. For all their physicality and frightening speed, the Cameroonians failed to make many chances and the Egyptians were very tough in counter attack and defense. It was an exciting game, made more so by the restaurant crowd who not only came from Cameroon and Egypt but also Burkina Faso, Gabon, Senegal and other lands. Many thanks to the fabulous owners who made everybody so welcome. Could be a good place to watch the World Cup in two years time. One other local angle was Cameroon midfielder and former Rapid Alain Nkong. His performances in this tournament have apparently attracted the interest of Tottenham Hotspur. Makes you wonder why the Rapids got rid of him. He really was the best player for Cameroon.

One quick note on the signing this week by the Rapids of Christian Gomez. This is a good signing and it seems the Rapids really pushed the boat out to get their man. My only concern is that we may be putting too much faith in him. What will happen if he gets injured? And we still have not solved the problem of a striker who will net 20 goals a season. Undoubtedly, if he stays fit, Gomez will score and create goals and will add further to the performances of Herculez Gomez and Connor Casey once they are fit. I just worry that we may have too many funds and emotions wrapped up in the Argentinian when we still need a consistent guy up front. Hats off to the Rapids, though, for securing such a big name. We welcome him to DSG Park and I can't personally wait to see him weave his magic.

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