Monday, December 10, 2007

No Way says Jose

So the Special One said no to the FA. After frenzied speculation in the English press, some of it undoubtedly self-generated since the apppointment of the Portuguese maestro would have made their jobs infinitely more interesting, Jose Mourinho has ruled himself out of the running for the England post. His statement in full is below.
At least, the FA tried to get the right man. Maybe the real reasons why he said no will come out in the end. Yes, he may have got bored with the reality of being England manager and not having daily contact with his charges but maybe it was more to do with the suits at the FA not being up to his standards. Or maybe it was money. Who knows? The truth is that he would have been brilliant for England. Just two years or so to take them to the World Cup, win it and be an honorary Englishman for life. Who am I kidding? We still wouldn't have won the World Cup even with him in charge but at least he would have made us and the players feel it was a possibility. And that's the point, isn't it? To have a manager who can make you all believe something quite so improbable. There is really nobody else out there with such charisma and self-belief and the CV to back it all up. Good luck at Barca, Real Madrid or AC Milan (Liverpool?), Jose.

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