Saturday, December 8, 2007

Check Your Vocab

I may be missing something here but I don't think Rapids' Captain Marvel Pablo Mastroeni will be too happy at being nominated for a "dubious" award. The Denver Sports Fans Choice Awards sees players from a range of sports in the city competing for various accolades including MVP, which Mastroeni is rightly up for. However, amongst all the blurb on the awards website is the following phrase: "Athletes nominated by fans and local sports media for Most Valuable Player will go head to head with their peers for this dubious honor." Did someone try and use a fancy word and just get it wrong? Prestigious maybe but dubious? Less hype, more substance please. As well as Mastroeni, midfielder Omar Cummings is up for a rising star award and crowd favorite Bouna is nominated for a special humanitarian award. Nothing dubious about these guys.

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George said...

ha! that's funny.
here's another one. one of the local radio guys believes "perennial" is an adjective that means high quality. as in, "this is a perennial team." he's heard the phrases "perennial all-star" or "perennial phrases" too often without knowing what they mean. he should look the word up in the dictionary and realize he's saying. so when he says, "this is a perennial team," he's really saying "this is a team year after year." why, yes, it is.
FC Rocky