Monday, March 15, 2010

End of an Era?

It's late and that's a pretentious headline but I do need to point out that wewantrapidman will no longer be taking the form it has. I have a new gig with mlsnet who are beefing up their digital content and have asked me to be the beat writer for them. It's a good opportunity for me and I will be devoting all my soccer writing efforts on Rapids stuff to that. They are in the middle of transforming the new site but all future Rapids material from me will be on Try checking out the old site at for now as bedding in happens. So, a big thank you to everyone who has supported this blog. Please come to my new home at MLS. I'm starting from this week and I will be covering things to the best of my ability all season.


Deron said...

Excellent. Look forward to reading you on the new site.

Scott said...

I am sad to see this blog just fade away but am excited for you and hope you will keep publishing the great content that I have become used to on here.

BMer916 said...

with your new status maybe you can continue the push to bring Rapidman back! i can't stand the F.A.G.s
(Forrest Animal Group) mascots that we have now.

anyway, i too am bummed about losing this blog, but am excited for your spot at MLSnet. get'em Nick!

Vaclav said...

Hi Nick, this is very nice blog, if you are interested in link exchange, please email me at

George said...

congratulations, mate! say hi to max bretos in the buffet line for me!
george tanner
(sunning himself on the gulf of mexico)

johncos said...

Nick: I don't know if you ever check this blog anymore but I just wanted to tell you what a treat it is to read your articles on the new mls and rapids sites! Thanks and Please keep up the good work.

wewantrapidman said...

Thanks John. Glad you are following me over at

Juan y Fer said...

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Dakotakr said...

I just came upon your site but I am glad to see that you will have another one. I am a Rapids fan all the way and I like seeing others support them too

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