Friday, February 5, 2010

Rapids Confirm New Supporters' Terrace

Very good move by the Rapids and kudos to Jeff Plush and all the supporters' groups.
Here are the details from the Rapids:

In a move that will transform the way the world’s game is supported in the Rocky Mountain region, the Colorado Rapids announced today their plans for the creation of the new “Supporters Terrace” behind the north goal at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park for 2010 and beyond.
Using the stadium’s unique design, this new Supporters Terrace will become an adult-oriented area designed to allow for the exuberance of the Rapids’ most passionate fans.
This move to create a new section of the stadium specifically to appeal to the Rapids’ adult demographic was conceptualized and created in conjunction with the Rapids’ existing supporters club leaders and will allow for their voices and energy to be felt in a whole new manner.
Historically in soccer, the term “terrace” has referred to the traditional standing area behind the goals of a stadium, particularly in the United Kingdom, that offered a cheaper alternative to sitting in the stands and a more popular spectator area for members of the working classes. The Rapids’ Supporters Terrace will be the first true terrace area of its kind in Major League Soccer, and will aim to expand upon the experience found in terraces overseas.
“The Rapids’ Supporters Terrace will be a perfect opportunity for us to take our fan experience to a new level,” said Rapids Managing Director Jeff Plush. “We believe that through our supporters groups and those most dedicated Rapids fans, the Supporters Terrace will create that truly authentic soccer experience at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.”
The new Supporters Terrace will allow each of the Rapids’ various supporters groups and other rabid fans a place to call their own in the stadium. Flags, banners, instruments, singing and other passionate support of the team at home games will all be encouraged, making the Supporters Terrance the place to be for Colorado’s most enthusiastic soccer fans. Special vending options will also only be available for Terrace fans.
“The Rapids have proved with the creation of the Rapids Supporters Terrace that their main focus is building an atmosphere that all supporters can be proud of,” said Mark Bodmer, Founder of Rapids Supporters Club Class VI. “The Supporters Terrace will allow Rapids fans to now become an influencing twelfth man. This move speaks loudly and shows the Rapids’ commitment to soccer fans.”
“What makes this such a big announcement is that the Rapids are involving the fans in the decision-making process,” added Patrick Quinn, president of the Centennial Firm Rapids Supporters Club. “The organization is showing that they are supportive of us and want to help us create an environment where we as supporters can grow and be successful.”
“The Bobbies are thrilled to join the other Rapids Supporters Groups in the newly-commissioned Supporters Terrace at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park,” said Jon Forget, President of the newly formed Bulldog Rapids Supporters Group, also known as The Bobbies. “The Rapids organization has put their best foot forward to help improve the gameday atmosphere at the stadium, and our group is looking forward to joining the other Rapids Supporters Groups in making the Terrace the epicenter of an elevated atmosphere at the park.”
Season tickets in the brand new Rapids’ Supporters Terrace are now on sale for $216 per person, and include access to other fantastic season ticket holder-only benefits. Supporters Terrace tickets can be purchased by calling the Colorado Rapids Ticket Sales Hotline at (303) 825-GOAL or online at


BMer916 said...

does this mean that the groups (C-Firm, Bobbies...) will now be standing behind the north goal instead of the corner section behind the south goal? And even though the terrace is plenty wide, won't only the people in the front (goal-side) of the terrace have a view of the game?

maybe i'm confused, which is very likely.

Scott said...

I like this move but think they will have to do some restructuring of that end of the stadium. Then again it will probably just remind me of the way Chivas supporters fill the north end of the HDC. So, maybe the first to officially be named a terrace but not the first in practicality. The only other problem I see with it at this point is that the stands that are currently in that area were the cheap seats where families bought tickets to watch the game. You might have to lower the prices in a couple of other sections to keep the family friendly aspects. They could even go as far to have a family section like the Rockies do.