Friday, January 22, 2010

Rapids Set to Sign USMNT Midfielder; Gibbs Going

It all looks official now, barring the dotted Is and crossed Ts. This might be a move in the right direction with Larentowicz. The view on Thompson seems to be mixed. But the Rapids are in desperate need of a dominant, creative midfielder and the national team's Larentowicz might just fit that bill. According to the Boston Herald report, the Revolution will get Preston Burpo and Cory Gibbs in return, plus some money and a draft pick. Burpo has been nothing short of a model professional at DSG Park and a good guy. He looks as if he will get some good playing time in New England with Matt Reis injured. Gibbs was becoming increasingly expendable with Gary Smith looking to Julien Baudet and Drew Moor as his number one central defensive pairing. Look for a lot more Rapids' trades in coming weeks and months.


Scott said...

So the article says that Wicz as I will call him for short, is a defensive midfielder. Does that mean that Smith is looking to play a two defensive midfielder system this next year? Or with his apparent creativity does this mean they will push him forward ahead of Pablo?

Also, a lot of other trades? Any idea on who Mr. Smith has become not so keen on? Any ideas on what kind of players he is looking to bring in?

Nick Thomas said...

Hoping to speak to GS next week, Scott. Will get something on this next week so do look out for it.