Monday, November 9, 2009

Rapids' End of Season Woes Surface

Looks like Conor Casey's call-up to the US national team for friendlies against Slovakia and Denmark could not have come at a better time. Take a look at this article on for some uncomfortable news on how the team has reacted to the disappointment of missing out on the playoffs again. Probably not all that surprising but quite revealing. Though what it reveals I'm not entirely sure.
I plan to be at training later this week so maybe I'll be able to get an update on the mood in the camp. They're all probably sick of kicking a ball around and can't wait for Thanskgiving. Deeper problems than a training field bust-up remain at the club as we have all been discussing in recent weeks.


Anonymous said...

I'm an outsider so this is only conjecture on my part....but it seems that a great deal of the success we had the first 20 or so games under Smith is that the players bought into him and his system. Is he losing the players?

Scott said...

The article is an interesting read. I have to admit I am a little bit discouraged after ending last season with so much love for Smith. I am hoping that Casey comes back even hungrier to make this team one of the top 8.

Scott said...

So today we got an email as season ticket holders about a public forum thing with the front office and coach open to questions from season ticket holders. They mentioned streaming the event online but in light of all the controversy I thought this was an interesting move from the Rapids. If only we could get Kronke to show up.