Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smith's Quote and Plush's Letter

"We need better players," said Smith. "What was very clear tonight was that some of the guys in that changing room are not good enough."
As of 5pm Tuesday, 27 responses to Jeff Plush's letter to fans on the Rapids' blog. When you address the fan's real needs, you get a response.
The coach's quote and the response to the GM speak volumes. The club desperately needs to address a number of issues, to be dealt with in a separate post, so that a low ebb does not actually become a full-blown crisis. But make no mistake about it, the Rapids' failure to miss the playoffs for the third straight year will need more than a heartfelt letter to the fans.


James said...

Plush's letter seemed to be nearly the same letter he wrote to fans at the end of last season.

Better players indeed! But it makes one wonder why Plush and Smith allowed strong players like Cooke and Bouna to be released. Now we're in desperate need for a keeper and a middie.

Josh said...

Not sure how I feel about a coach who says in public that his players aren't good enough - inspirational leadership or recipe for lockeroom havoc?

ObiwanPierogi said...

It's not the coach's job to baby the players. If he says that some of the guys out there are not good enough and the players want to get pissy about it, then that sounds like the players problem. They can't really make a good case for themselves and the numbers speak louder than words. I personally appreciate a coach who is not afraid to call it like it is without tiptoeing around people's feelings.

Scott said...

I think all the discussion is a good thing. It might actually produce some real results.

Josh said...

Fair enough Obiwan - but I feel like if a coach is willing to call out his players in public he should also be willing to publicly take responsibility for their failures...he is, after all, a big reason why many players are there...not to mention it is his coaching that is supposed to have them prepared.

Not claiming to be the be-all, no-all but I've always been of the philosophy that some things are best handled behind closed doors.

Nick Thomas said...

I think GS was just letting all his frustrations out - he is only human after all. He had obviously been thinking about this for some time and it just came out at the bitter moment of defeat. Yes, he mayt have been a little more subtle about it but it's done now. The question is, who does he mean exactly? My vote is for Ballouchy and Gibbs and possibly Noonan.

Scott said...

I think we will find out soon enough once some off season trades and signings take place. Even the draft may give us an insight to this.

Lets just hope that the man up top is ready to open up his checkbook for the Rapids.

Chris said...

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