Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Denver's Miles Better But DMB Stays in Scotland

Yes, DaMarcus Beasley was spotted at DSG Park with Cory Gibbs at the weekend and, no, that doesn't mean he is set to leave Glasgow for Denver. Gary Smith, today discussing the likelihood of the Rapids picking up a midfielder before the September 15 deadline, dismissed speculation the Rangers player could be joining up with his good friend in Colorado. "There is no truth in that whatsoever," he said. Beasley could fit nicely into the left side of midfield but he would have to accept a big pay decrease to come here.
More likely is someone from the MLS rather than a player abroad because of seasons in Europe, for example, in full swing and players under contract. Getting a player from another MLS team fighting for playoff contention won't be easy either, the coach admitted.
My best educated guess will be that the Rapids won't bring anyone in before next week. Smith doesn't want to upset the chemistry in a team that is buoyant after two great wins and he doesn't want to rush into buying someone just for a short-term need. But what do I know? Gary Smith is always one to surprise so don't be too shocked if he does pull one out of the hat and there is a new Rapid filling in for the likes of Mastroeni (suspended), Jamie Smith (injured) or Colin Clark (injured) among others in the Colorado midfield.
There will be more on this story on www.mlsnet.com tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Would DMB really take a paycut if he came here on loan? Wondering how contracts work in loans since he wouldn't actually ne transferring here

Nick Thomas said...

Fair point but GS doesn't really want someone for eight weeks. I don't think he wants to spend any money he has from the Ihemelu trade for such a short-term option.