Saturday, August 15, 2009

Smith and Peterson to Take Clark Reins

Gary Smith isn't ruling out going into the transfer market to replace the unfortunate Colin Clark but don't hold your breath. At this stage in the season, the head coach doesn't want to upset the balance of the squad he already has and, as assistant Steve Guppy also said recently, it's not as if you can just go out there and pick up another Colin Clark. The team has only another ten games this season in regular play as it launches a playoff push and looks set to rely on Jamie Smith and Jacob Peterson to do what Clark has been consistently doing, i.e create, look dangerous and score goals. Ironically, Peterson hyperextended his knee the same day that Clark tore his ACL but Smith fully expects him to make a full recovery before the team's next game in Chicago.
"We have some names we have had our eye on but they are more potentials rather than the finished article," Smith said at training Thursday in response to whether the team would look to replace Clark. "And I don't want to interrupt what we have here." So, even with the slight chance the Rapids did dip into the market, it's not likely to be a player that will walk straight into the team. There isn't enough time left in the season to do that, to do a proper job.
In other news, Julien Baudet is making a great recovery from his broken forearm and could be in contention for selection for the Chicago game. Check out for my story on him.
I'll be going to Chicago for the game, covering it for mlsnet. If you had any thoughts about how I could get some extra coverage of the game build-up etc., drop me a line with some thoughts. Got to go and check the mighty Gills and their game against Tranmere in League One. Check in next week.


ObiwanPierogi said...

I saw JP up at the STH party and talked with him a bit about the unfortunate injury to his knee and Colin's injury as well. He was definitely still in a lot of pain and hobbling from the injury. He downplayed the pain he was in and said that he's going to be fine and that its just really sore. I just hope with the bye week that he is able to be in form in time for the next game. I heard that Ballouchy did really well in practice so that is always good news as well.

Brian Rants said...


Thanks for keeping up on the injury story.

I set up a twitter account: @corapidsfan

If you wanted to use that in the buildup at Chicago, send me an email and I can send you the login info


Nick Thomas said...

Obiwan, thanks for adding yourself as a follower. Aiming to be at practice tomorrow so should get an update on how the squad is looking for Sunday.