Thursday, July 9, 2009

Striker Chat; Diz Is the Man

Gary Smith has been scratching his head recently over his strikers. Having got used to the sparkling partnership of Conor Casey and Omar Cummings performing in tandem for the opening ten games of the season or so, he has since had to deal with international departures for both of them. Fortunately, neither of them have been away at the same time although it did appear at the end of last weekend's game against Chicago that Casey may have absented himself at the same time as Cummings would be unavailable, i.e. for Saturday's game against Dallas. I swear the ref took his name for the second time at the final whistle but the Rapids tell me they have heard nothing so Casey looks set to go against Dallas. He will be very eager to make up for what he and Smith knows was probably his worst individual performance of the year so far last week. Who knows? With Jamaica looking unlikely to qualify, maybe Cummings would make some contribution to the game too as Jamaica plays its final round robin game tomorrow night. If they are eliminated from the Gold Cup, it would be a tough ask on Cummings but he could play some part in theory.
Another striker piece of the puzzle is the imminent signing of Argentinian forward, Facundo Diz. Smith confirmed last week to me that Diz is the player they have been tracking for some time. He could be available after July 15th.


Scott said...

This isn't the known commodity I was hoping for. Let's hope he can step in and make a difference.

Josh said...

Interesting stuff Nick - I also found out that they signed a former Celtic midfielder this week....Jamie you know anything about this?