Friday, June 12, 2009

Forwards Update; Experience Necessary

Gary Smith said this week that he hoped to have one new striker available for the next Colorado Rapids game Saturday week, June 20. With Conor Casey called up sooner than generally expected to the US squad for last weekend's World Cup qualifier against Honduras and now for the Confederations' Cup in South Africa, the need for such a forward is even more acute. Casey is not likely to be available for the Rapids again until July 4. With strike partner and MLS Goal of the Week winner, Omar Cummings, expected to be called into the Jamaican sqaud for next month's Gold Cup competition, the need is turning into a necessity.
Smith does not have the confidence to put present backup forwards Ross Schunk and Gregory Richardson into any significant action, Schunk getting a couple of minutes as a sub against Salt Lake and Richardson not even traveling with the group. So, who will the forward(s) be? What I can say is that it will be someone not in the prime of youth. Smith is clearly looking for someone who can fit the team's style and a proven goalscorer and, most of all, he is looking for someone who can fit into the team's chemistry both on and off the field and has plenty of experience. "They have to have experience coming into this phase of the season," he said.


Anonymous said...

You've become quite adept at writing many words without saying much of anything....and yes, I do mean that as a compliment in this particular case.

Looking forward to announcements soon as to whom the Rapids have added.

Scott said...

Based on that chemistry comment I am guessing we are not the team going after Carlos Ruiz?

Nick Thomas said...

God, I hope not. Don't see Smith as the type of guy who would tolerate his antics. Some rumor going around about Chris Ralston?