Wednesday, June 17, 2009

European Footballer of the Year to be a Rapid?

May seem a bit far-fetched and have no basis in truth but there is a rumor going around that former Real Madrid and Liverpool striker, Fernando Morientes, may be making his way to Colorado. A fomer European Footballer of the Year, no less. I don't know about that but I do know that there will be another striker on his way to DSG Park in the not too distant future and it does appear that he will be from outside the MLS. Paul Bravo, technical director, did tell the rapidsundercurrent blog this week after the signing of Noonan that there will be more "exciting news in the near future" and Gary Smith has also told MLSnet that they are looking outside of the MLS for such a striker. Clearly, the two signings will mean roster moves and it's probably clear who is looking the most vulnerable. Gregory Richardson, who made two assists yesterday in the reserve team's 5-1 win over the Colorado Foxes, does not look likely to break into this team and must be a likely contender. Ciaran O'Brien is out on loan for the rest of this season and appears to not have any chance of breaking into the Rapids' midfield and the defense seems somewhat top-heavy, especially in the center and on the left side. I don't see any of the center backs going - Gibbs, Palguta and Ihemelu are staying, Harden is well-liked by the coaching staff, Holody is a draft pick and cheap and Valentino has just been signed. Jordan Harvey appears to have locked up the left back position so that makes Ivan Guerrero vulnerable too. Expect an announcement on such roster moves from the Rapids in the very near future.


Anonymous said...

I know this is just a rumor but let's say it comes to fruition -obviously this kind of investment means he sees the pitch weekly. He would then supplant Omar (because there is no way Smith goes 4-3-3). Does he compliment Casey well? Can he play AM and send Ballouchy to the bench?

Exciting stuff in Rapid-land these days!

Scott said...

From The Pitch yesterday mentioned a forward from the Southern Hemisphere, any idea who this might be?

Aljarov a.k.a Al Clark said...

Niether Valentino nor O'Brien can be released, as GA players.