Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Names and Gregory Richardson

You may have noticed some new names playing for the Rapids' reserve team in recent games against the universities of Denver and New Mexico (see In the defeat of DU 3-1 yesterday, one of those names was Ritchie Kotschau, a former Rapid of course. To try and add some detail on those triallists, I spoke very briefly with Gary Smith last week as the team was about to board the bus for Houston. I can't offer much on them other than that it is unlikely any of them will be staying around. "They were more there to make up the numbers to be honest and they won't be staying," Smith said last week. Admittedly, that was before the game yesterday against DU and one triallist, Chris Salvaggione, did manage to score two goals in that game. It was also noticeable that a triallist from the New Mexico game, Clayton Zelin, was also playing yesterday. I'll try and keep you posted on the future, if any, of such triallists.
More significant, perhaps, have been the performances of Gregory Richardson. The Guyanese forward has scored consistently in all the reserve games so far, including the Burgundy and Blue game last month, as well as providing assists. He is looking like a good acquisition for the Rapids and Gary Smith should be well pleased with his efforts. Barring injury and form, he is not going to break up the Casey/Cummings formation but he would be a great asset coming off the bench.


Scott said...

The injury report this week said that cummings is injured. Have you heard anything about him playing this coming weekend or might this be the open door that Richardson needs?

Nick Thomas said...

Scott, good to hear from you. I will be at training Friday so look for a post later that day with details on line-up etc. Thanks for the heads up.