Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Saturday and Looking Ahead

Chelsea winning away, Manchester United playing when it suits them and Alec Ferguson not talking to the BBC. Just another typical Saturday in the English Premier League. If you want something really surprising, you should check out this BBC story on the village team in Germany that is currently riding high in the Bundesliga. TSG Hoffenheim, village population 3,300, may have lost last night away to the mighty Bayern Munich but only to a last minute goal from Luca Toni. They are still top of the league. Yes, there is money behind the team in the form of SAP founder Dietmar Hopp but it is more than that. A great story and a sportswriter's dream.
In terms of the Colorado Rapids and future coverage during this quiet time of the year, I am aiming to get some decent interviews on the site over the next few weeks. Some subjects you may expect, others may give you a second thought.

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Scott said...

A second thought? I am all excited now.