Monday, November 17, 2008

US Team and Perfect Weather

I was at DSG Park this morning and it was pretty awesome. The US national team is in town for Wednesday's World Cup qualifier against Guatemala and I am covering it for It is a thrill to be watching these gifted national team players and writing about them. This is made all the better when it is seventy degrees and the Rockies are snow-capped. I ended up speaking to Chicago Fire midfielder John Thorrington and the result was a feature on the website; the link is below.
I'll be at the game on Wednesday filing a match report as well as a post match story from the press conference and the locker room. Look forward to any comments you may have.


BMer916 said...

we'll be there! i'm excited to see some of the new faces get some PT, i really hope Casey gets in!

I'm also glad that Clark and Labrocca got some respect after their very solid seasons, they're so young they should have more shots at the USMNT now!

Doc said...

Clark is not young he is 25 years old. He has no business being on or around the National team. He is an average American player with average talent.