Tuesday, October 14, 2008

He's In, He's Out, He's Good For Chivas

Pablo Mastroeni, Captain Marvel for the Colorado Rapids, was initially called up for the US team to play Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow but will now be staying in the Rockies. Pablo injured his knee in the LA game on Sunday and won't make the trip to the Caribbean island having been called into the squad after the 6-1 trouncing of Cuba. You can bet he will be fit for the vital game against Chivas.
It's good to see country and club apparently working well together. Mastroeni was not called up for the Cuba game because it would have meant him probably missing the Galaxy game or at least only playing a bit part as Donovan did. He was then called into the midweek game which would actually have had little impact on him making the trip back to LA to play Chivas this weekend, injuries notwithstanding. The fact he is not now going to Trinidad allows him more time to recover, however, and this can only be good for the Rapids.
Mastroeni appears relaxed about prospects with the national team. He told me at training last week that national team coach, Bob Bradley, realizes that Pablo is of more value to Colorado in the tightening playoff scenario than he is for a US team that is already in the next stage of World Cup qualifiers. "It's not like he is going to call me every game I am not picked," he said. His focus is on getting Colorado to the playoffs and then he will deal with his own dreams after the season. If he is still fit in two years time, wherever he is playing at club level, he will almost definitely have a role to play with the national team in South Africa but, as we all know, so much can happen in that time. Bradley is obviously still thinking about Pablo as a major part of his squad and appears to be giving the midfielder adequate flexibility which can only be a good thing.


David said...

Hi Nick,

Good to know Pablo will be playing.

Nick, don't you agree this really is déjà vu experience? The exact scenario from last year, same opponents. I want to be positive but I feel results will be the same. Assuming the results are the same from last year and we are eliminated from playoffs, What was the difference between last year and 2008?

I counted 18 different line ups this year, Does that help?
Thankfully under coach Gary we have seen a better picture of what this team is capable of doing. As far as offense and midfield I applaud Gary for his excellent job but defense, "Dios Mio" you can make a mistake once or twice just like everybody else, third mistake maybe you should let that person know, fourth and fifth mistake maybe you should consider that person not capable of performing at that level and more mistakes than five you definitively need to consider replacement. Some people will argue that people don't see all the hard work they do and that they only see their mistakes. By nature fans will see mistakes, especially when those mistakes cause defeat.

So far we only have 7 home wins (3 points). In order to have better chances to the playoffs home victories are crucial.

At the end of 2007 season I was excited and couldn't wait for 2008 season to start to see something better and here I am experiencing déjà vu.

For those of you who are faithful to the team like me don't you agree you wish you had the power to make changes to improve their performance?

Have you ever felt like quitting? frustrations make you want to do so many thing but at the end is this passion that overpower any other emotion. I will keep on doing the only thing I can do, support my team in defeat and in victory, away or home, burgundy or blue and show everybody that you are here no matter what, to all of you from Class VI, Centennial Firm, NCC, Legion 5280 and contributors, this is exactly what will make us stronger winning together, loosing together. One of my favorite moments are from that trip to Salt Lake City, the display of support was terrific and sharing that time with all of you was the best.

So many question and once again lets hope 2009 season is a better one.

We are still supporting the last to games no matter what and if results are favorable that will the best reason to be there.

Thanks Nick for keeping us updated and your contributions to this beautiful sport.


Nick Thomas said...

Thanks David for the detailed comment. It is a similar scenario but, this season, we have been pushing more consistently for the playoffs whereas, last year, we kind of found ourselves right at the end with a chance of getting in. I think our general inconsistencies and mistakes will keep us out this year though I too will hope for the best. Yes, I see some major defensive errors. For one thing, I think we need Bouna back in goal. Keep your comments coming and, most of all, keep supporting the team.