Friday, August 15, 2008

Three or Four at the Back?

Our friends over at the Denver Post, aka my co-host this week on the From The Pitch radio show, Brian Forbes, is reporting that the Colorado Rapids will probably continue to play three at the back rather than four for tomorrow's game against Kansas. The only difference is that such a threesome would include two players making season debuts in Mike Petke and new signing Cory Gibbs in place of the injured Ugo Ihemelu. That raises a question of who fills out the remaining spot in the back. Probably old yellow (or is it red?) boots Facundo Erpen at the expense of Jose Burciaga. Unfortunately, I will not be in a position to confirm the line-up this week as work is taking its ugly toll and gas prices are too high to keep trekking up to my home from home at DSG Park. I guess you will all have to just turn up tomorrow night and see who starts. Will acting coach, Gary Smith, surprise us all?


Scott said...

Does this mean that FC is not going to be back to coach the game?

Nick Thomas said...

No Clavijo at the game. Gary Smith is de facto in charge. I'm not sure how much choice he gets over the starting line-up. My understanding is that FC left him with instructions but we shall see.