Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pablo Likely to Stay a Rapid Until New Year

So, I did manage to get up to training today but I am probably not able to add too many insights into who will start tomorrow for the Colorado Rapids against RSL. That was because I got involved in a good conversation with club captain, Pablo Mastroeni. By the time we finished talking, the boys were off in the bus to take them to the airport for tomorrow night's game. Assume the same back four, five including Preston Burpo. The midfield will include Christian Gomez, Nick LaBrocca and Colin Clark plus one of either John DiRaimondo or Jacob Peterson. Casey will start up front with one other of McManus, Cummings and Herc. That's my best guess.
One person who will not be playing is Pablo who spent much of today's session jogging alone with a nice view of downtown Denver and the DNC. While he was running well, his hamstring will see him miss both upcoming US World Cup qualifiers against Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago. Nice for us if he can get fit enough to play for the Rapids in the meantime.
Pablo is a top guy. How can anybody not wish him the best if he does take off for Europe? It does look as if it will be in January next year rather than anytime soon. He will be out of contract and free to go. Italy and Spain look the most likely and he did tell me he has someone representing him over in those two countries. He also has someone in England but this may be a less of a possibility. Something tells me his heart would be in Italy where he has cultural roots and family members in Sicily.
Watch this space to see what unfolds.


Scott said...

As much as I love Pablo and would hate to see him go, I think it would be good for him as well. I would rather see him in England, but that is nothing but personal preference.

johncos said...

I think Pablo was one of the difference makers for the US against Guatemala a couple of weeks ago. I hope getting results against Cuba and T&T won't be a problem without him.... I know it will be more difficult against RSL without him.

Pablo is one of the best in the league.... Has the MLS ever had a Player / Manager? :)

Nick Thomas said...

John, I don't think there has been a player manager as far as I know but my knowledge of MLS history is scratchy to say the least. It seems to be much more of a phenomenon in England but increasingly less so in the top leagues. He could be a great coach, tough and combative and skillful, but I don't see him combining it with being a player. He would cary on playing as long as he could and he still seems to be one of the fittest players on the squad (though injured a lot) as well as easily being the one of the most competitive. Really good bloke too as I have found out over the past few weeks.