Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mastroeni and Gomez Join All-Star Team

Those who were disappointed that no Colorado Rapids' players were selected to the starting XI last week for the All-Star Game can now comfort themselves with the knowledge that coach, Steve Nichol, has selected two squad members in Pablo Mastroeni and Christian Gomez. Nichol had five picks so selecting two Rapids' players out of that can't be bad. Commissioner Garber chose the other two. This will be Mastroeni's ninth successive All-Star involvement. The MLS team plays West Ham United July 24 in Toronto and all reserves can still work their way into the starting line-up. Maybe Pablo will impress the Hammers' watching staff and secure a lucrative London-based contract?


Scott said...

Honestly I am surprised that Gomez and Angel were picked by the coach. While Gomez has been good he certainly hasn't been everything we had hoped for at least yet. I am still expecting great things from him this year. Let's hope our boys do well at the All Star Game.

BMer916 said...

i think it's cool that we got two players, i'm just disappointed that the two players are the two that have been injured for a good portion of the season.

Colin Clark and Tom McManus would have been my picks, Clark has been impressive!

Nick Thomas said...

I kind of agree with the thrust of both of your comments in that it is clear that Gomez and Mastroeni were largely picked on the basis of reputation (as was Angel) rather than current form although Mastroeni is getting better and better after his injuries earlier in the season. My thoughts are that the coach is always going to pick players he can really rely on and take less risks overall than the voting public will. Thanks as always for your comments. Hoping to interview Pablo today re the transfer to Europe story.