Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will He, Won't He?

Bouna Coundoul, the long-absent Bouna, is now back in Denver and training hard with his Colorado Rapids teammates. Does he walk straight back into the team after a month of not playing or will he wait on the sidelines a tad longer? We know that coach, Fernando Clavijo, has not been best pleased with his Senegal star for not being in contact during his time with the national team there. Personal feelings aside, Clavijo is a strong character who will make his decision based on the team's interest. Right now, he is not revealing his decision, if he has actually made it by now. Bouna looked sharp in training today but so did all the other goalkeepers. We do have some good ones, that is for sure. "Bouna is clearly someone the players know well but I have to give credit to Burpo," said Clavijo of the choice he has to make. "We gave up three goals twice on our recent roadtrips and last week's game against Houston with the cleansheet was a good step in the right direction. We have two good goalies who are healthy and that is a good problem to have." The Rapids website (link below) does put Coundoul in having earlier listed Burpo as starting. Justin Hughes, who continues to battle back from a serious hernia injury, is still listed as out injured but is training hard.
Who to pick is not a problem limited to the goalkeepers. Terry Cooke impressed when given the chance last week against Houston and has a "very good chance to play" this weekend, according to Clavijo. Jacob Peterson, who made way for Cooke having injured his leg, had a negative MRI yesterday and may be fit for selection. The other injury worry from last week, Christian Gomez, is listed by the Rapids as questionable. Clavijo said he was confident Gomez could play. Pablo Mastroeni, who was very impressive in central defense last week, has injured his groin in training and didn't look too happy with it today. We know that Pablo can be injured during the week and find it in himself to play at the weekend. He will be very keen to play, that is for sure, and his presence in the team is always reassuring. Other notable injuries to comment on are Jose Burciaga who is now listed as probable and provides the Rapids with great attacking play. Mike Petke, who played for the Rapids Reserves last week, his first match action of the season, was training fully today and Clavijo mentioned July 4 as a possible start for him. There may be increasing competition for places but it is good to see all the players back from international duty and mostly healthy.


TalbotTrojan said...

Thanks for the update on Gomez, just about what I expect from Clavijo these days. He is a hard nut to crack and yet seems to get it right most of the time. Here's to hoping he can get the guys to pull together and get a good win this weekend.

Nick Thomas said...

Here's to a good win, absolutely. Clavijo is a bit of a master at veiling nearly all his comments so you never really know what he is thinking. I think Gomez will get some game time, maybe not the whole game. Thanks for your comment and please let me know your first name.