Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Barcelona's Guardiola Has The Cojones

The story has been kicking around for a while now but it's taken on a more definite hue with the ballsy words from new Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola. Not afraid to mince words, he's come out and openly said star players Eto'o, Deco and old rabbit teeth himself, Ronaldinho, are all free to leave the Nou Camp. Blimey. Just don't go to Man.City, Ronaldinho. Eto'o has already ruled out Spurs and Deco looks likely to join Portugal boss Scolari at Chelsea. There were some lazily speculating earlier this year that Ronaldinho would come to the MLS. Remember this is one of the world's best players who has obviously fallen out with the powers that be at Barcelona. Unless someone is willing to stump up a Beckham-like salary for the Brazilian, he will be staying in Europe. Props to Guardiola for not tolerating too many star individuals and trying to build a team. The story also looks to confirm that Thierry Henry will be staying in Spain after all.

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