Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rapids Sink to Disappointing Defeat

Oh dear. All that optimism from the recent games just went up in smoke tonight as the Colorado Rapids deservedly slipped to a 2-0 home defeat to San Jose Earthquakes. Lacking in creativity and verve, the Rapids never got going. Can anybody even remember a solid chance they had all night? Christian Gomez squeezed the ball across the goal in the opening minute but there was very little else. A 35-yard shot from Jose Burciaga at the death summed up the Rapids' night. It was what they were reduced to and Joe Cannon saved it easily.
San Jose fully deserved the victory. They were more creative, they made a hatful of chances and this was a big night for them. Kamara was a handful all night although Stephen Keel generally marshalled him very well. Kamara did outhustle the Colorado defense, though, for the second and clinching goal. Ronnie O'Brien notched the opener at the end of the first half after picking up the rebound from a great save by Bouna Coundoul. The Rapids did create a lot of pressure after the second goal but it didn't really result in much. Tom McManus was impressive afer coming on as sub but there was no way through the stout San Jose defense. Dare I say it was all a bit reminiscent of last season? No creativity, no spark and no fan atmosphere. All rather depressing and it is a wonder where the Rapids go from here to regroup and figure out what went wrong.


BMer916 said...

Clark was pretty poor last night, unfortunately, he just couldn't catch a break, and Christian Gomez seemed to be invisible

Maybe the wind played a part, the balls were moving quite a lot and we seem to struggle moving the ball up the field through short passes. Keel was great on defense but insisted in trying the long ball to Hercules and Omar/Tam and it just seemed like they struggle to control it

disappointing for sure

BMer916 said...

oh, and i forgot to mention that it seemed like the wind was really messing up the communication. we sat in the bleachers and you could see that Herc and Omar were getting a little upset with each other. you couldn't hear anything down there on the field.

terry cooke had an off-night as well. at least Labrocca looked good

TalbotTrojan said...

So, what formation did coach come out with? It looks pretty much the same but I am trying to figure out if I should blame the coach or the players? It was a painful call from my parents last night as they told me that it was quite possibly the worst Rapids game they have seen, and they have been going to at least half the games since the beginning.

Allen said...

You were spot on that the backline was going to have trouble with communication. I still don't understand why Clavijo keeps deploying Gomez as high as he does. It doesn't give Christian much opportunity to pop up out of nowhere from the midfield. And it means Cummings really needs Clark and Cooke to be pushed up to having some bodies to dump the ball off to. Seems like Tam and Cummings/Herc would be a better combination with Gomez having Gomes/Daimando/Labrocca/Pablo behind him to clean up things. Will the loss give him the impotence to push things this way?