Friday, April 18, 2008

It Ain't Over Until The Fat Boy Spins

That's what they used to say about Australian cricket hero Shane Warne for all those unfamiliar with what is truly still the greatest sport in the world. Now, back to soccer. I love Max Bretos on FSC. I think he is one of the most knowledgeable US commentators on global soccer. I love his enthusiasm. However, I have to take issue with his comments on Chelsea and his dismissal they have any chance to win the Premiership, along with most pundits it has to be said. I concede it is a tough ask (another Australian phrase) but, if United were to slip up tomorrow at Blackburn (not an easy game), the thing is wide open and all set for a cracker at Stamford Bridge next weekend. Let's hope, for the sake of an exciting finish to the season, that Blackburn steal a draw tomorrow. Sorry to p*ss off all you United fans. Great win by Chelsea yesterday against a good Everton side. They are still in it, just, and they will be more in it if Blackburn can get at least a point tomorrow at home. Saying that, United will probably storm it 4-0. Other key games this weekend are Fulham at home to Liverpool and a big derby match (these supporters really hate each other) between Aston Villa and Birmingham. And don't forget the biggest game of them all, on that side of the pond anyway, Gillingham against Bristol Rovers, as the mighty Gills stare at the trapdoor of relegation to the abyss of League Two. Come on you Rapids!


Allen said...

Ya, I don't get why the title race is over until at least the game at Stamford Bridge is played. It's the proverbial 6 pointer.

And am I the only one hoping that Liverpool falls apart before the end of the season?

BMer916 said...

i agree, plus i believe we (ManU) have to play Barca on both sides of the chelsea match so it'll be a tough 3-game stretch.

re:Liverpool, i love watching Torres play, but i hate liverpool so yea, i'm rooting against them!

Nick Thomas said...

There are some excellent Liverpool players (Gerrard, Torres) who are a pleasure to watch. The problem with that club is clearly the boardroom antics. It clearly is an example of investors having too little interest in the traditions of the club and the game itself and looking at it purely as a financial investment. Lessons for Mr. Kroenke maybe? Thank for your comments, guys. Hope you enjoy the Rapids game tomorrow.